CIF performs its activities with regard to the rules of fair economic competition and its protection, the protection of investments, the trade secrets of the subject of the creative industry, the protection of the rights of the consumer, and the protection of the intellectual property rights, especially the protection of authorial rights and the rights related to it. 


  • propagation of creative industry
  • active contribution to creation of prosperous economic environment of the creative industry with appropriate regulatory framework
  • developing of a communication platform for the area of the creative industry
  • protection of the interests of the creative industry, and the enforcement of the common interests of the forum’s members
  • developing of a platform for technological, trade, and ethical standards of the creative industry and the behavior codex on the national level, and their evaluation
  • developing of environment for the enforcement and the protection the intellectual property rights, especially anti-piracy activities and the protection of archives
  • monitoring of preparation and implementation of regulatory apparatuses within SR and EU
  • cooperation with regulatory authorities and other organs of public authority, mainly with regard to preparation of legislative environment
  • contribution to the developing of behavior codices on the level of EU and their evaluation
  • developing of statistical and information databases in the area of the creative industry and the mutual sharing of this information

Organs of CIF

  • convention consisting of all the CIF members
  • collegium consisting of five permanent representatives, five elected representatives of the CIF members, and the president
  • supervisor
  • president, who is the statutory authority of CIF

Zora Jaurová, the president of CIF

pdf-iconZora Jaurova CV – SK

pdf-iconZora Jaurova CV – EN