Creativity is the key to innovative and interdisciplinary answers to both global and local challenges, economic or social.

Creative industry designates those parts of economy, which create economic value based on individual, creative, and artistic capabilities. Intellectual property is used to create value, therefore, the cornerstone of the industry are human creativity and talent. Consequently, the areas that comprise this sector result from human thought, but at certain point in time they also have real economic value. The areas include: architecture, advertisement, design, game development, film, television, and music.

Creative economy is a product of synergy of human creativity, mobility, technological development, and individual’s concern for humanization of the society. It creates environment for the increasing ability to receive the products of the creative activity. The factors and the consequences of creative economy are not new, however, current economic and social conditions enhance their effect on society.

Considering that the impact of creativity on the economy is not an accidental event, the creative economy may influence the society positively, if the correct stimuli are applied.

Areas of the Creative Industry

The areas can be categorized according to the nature of the object, or alternatively according to the goods and services.

  • area of art and culture
  • area related primarily to the use of the creative activity (eg. advertisement, design, entertainment industry)
  • area of sales or providing of access to goods or services from the previous areas to consumers (eg. production of hardware, electronic communication, archiving, information technology)

On the vertical axis is possible to identify activities which are immanent to the creative industry, such as the development of conditions for creative activity, the creating of the object subjected to the protection of the intellectual property, and its realization, manufacturing, production, distribution, exploitation, both inside and outside of the country of origin, its preservation, archiving, restoration, or redesign.

On the horizontal axis the creative industry is comprised of music, visual arts, theatre, literature, publishing, film, audiovisual, advertisement, design, architecture, cultural heritage, the art market, broadcasting, software, hardware, internet, electronic services, the entertainment industry including game development, following the structure design – production – distribution – redesign.

In Slovakia,  the separate sector under the name ‘creative industry’ was for the first time introduced on the level of government material within The Resorts of Conception for the Support of the Cultural and the Creative Industry in Slovak Republic, consider on 14th December 2011.

On 14th May 2014 the government of Slovak Republic passed the resolution n. 107/2014 approving The Basis of Strategy for the Development of Creative Industry in Slovak Republic.

Cultural Industry

Cultural industry is an industry that contributes to the economic value of the products of the intellectual and creative activity. It includes mostly art and the activities of cultural and historic institutions.


Creative Industry

Creative industry encompasses all the areas which use the products of intellectual and creative activity from the sectors of art, culture, and others. It creates an exploitation chain reaching from the development of conditions for creative activity through production to the restoration or redesign of the products


Creative Economy

Creative Economy is economy which does not rely only on the traditional (exhaustible) resources, but also actively uses the human creativity, and accepts the institutes of the creative industry, the creative class, and the creative cities. Freedom is an inherent condition for its development. 

Creative Ecology

Creative Ecology is concerned with the complex relationships existing within the creative economies, considering the relationship of an individual, his activities and the effect on the environment. 

Creative Class

Creative class is a group of people, creating new creative contents as a result of the intellectual and creative activity. 

Index of Creativity

Index of creativity is the method of measuring the creative indicators of creative economy.